Common Criteria Evaluation Services

We provide a variety of CC evaluation and support services.


Common Criteria services we provide

We are able to provide evaluation services ranging from Protection Profile to EAL2+ level of assurances.


We are an Australian Information Security Facility (AISEF). As such, we are licensed by the Australian Information Security Program (AISEP) to conduct Common Criteria evaluations, which are recognised internationally as part of the Common Criteria Recognition Arrangement (CCRA).

Evaluation Support

We are able to provide you with support throughout every stage of the evaluation process. In doing so, we can help you develop all of the necessary documentation required for an evaluation.

Evaluation Readiness Assessment

We are able to work closely with developers to provide a greater understanding of Common Criteria, the compliance of the product under consideration with Protection Profiles, the target level of assurance, and level of effort that would be required for an evaluation.

Assurance Maintenance

We can help you in the assurance maintenance process - allowing you to update your evaluated product listings in the event of changes to your product.

Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC)/Commercial Product Assurance (CPA)

We are able to help you in cross-posting evaluated products to the NSA Commercial Solutions for Classified and NCSC Commercial Product Assurance lists.

Why choose us?


We are agile

We are a small team of evaluators who are able to navigate through the certification process efficiently. Unlike some labs, we are not part of a larger corporate entity, therefore, we are able to make decisions quickly.


We are dedicated

As we are a smaller lab, we are able to provide dedicated, one-on-one support. We also care deeply about the certification services we provide. We are involved in conferences and workshops to ensure the continuous development of the certification services we provide.


International Recognition

Our lab participates in the Australian Information Security Evaluation Program (AISEP). AISEP is a member of the Common Criteria Recognition Arrangement (CCRA). Therefore, all evaluations completed by us will be listed on the Common Criteria Portal website.


Meeting government policy requirements

One of the greatest benefits of having your product evaluated is that you can meet government policy requirements of the CCRA participating nations.