FIPS 140

We are able to help you with all of your cryptography related needs.

FIPS 140

We are able to assist you in all stages of your FIPS validation, including: planning, pre-validation testing, evidence development and testing.

Our members have a strong background both in the development, and validation of modules for FIPS compliance. Therefore, we are able to look at FIPS validations from both sides of the process. This ensures that you have the best support in attaining FIPS validation for your product.


Entropy Analysis

We can help analyse (and report on) the level of available entropy in cryptographic systems.


Entropy is the fundamental component of any cryptographic system. A weak entropy source can result in the total security compromise of a system.

We can help you analyse your entropy source to ensure that it is compliant with the latest standards.

Other Services


We are able to provide you with analysis, testing and feedback of your cryptographic implementations.


We are experts in cryptographic implementations. We are able to provide training on the secure implementation and use of cryptography in your organisation.